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Are you drowning in the social media sea?

Drowning in the social media sea

Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn……and the list goes on and on and on and on.

Last week I talked about whether or not your business should ‘do’ social media and of course the answer is a most likely yes, but what that looks like for each business will be different depending on your product, your target market and where your customers are at. Appending social media profiles to your customer database will help focus your efforts and prioritize since you are likely faced with resources (including your time) that are stretched thin. In case you hadn’t already thought of theĀ  ways in which this will help, a quick list is included:

  • what social channels are your customers on
  • where to focus your efforts
  • identify those customers who may be influencers (hint: how many friends or followers do they have)
  • determine which subjects are most relevant to your customers (look at their feeds and discussions)

But a few I hadn’t really tackled or thought about myself until I read another post from Social Media B2B:

1. Compare your prospects to your customers. Seeing how your prospects compare to your customers behavior and understanding the differences between these two groups will help you adjust your message.

2. Target new customers. Of course, once you understand the above, you can then target new prospects who behave socially similar to your customer base.

What do you think? Would this be helpful in reaching your target? I have begun appending social profiles to my customer database and to no surprise, in the biotech industry, LinkedIn seems to be the place where I need to concentrate my efforts. Nope – not ditching Twitter and Facebook, but certainly realize that driving conversations via social media for my customer base is probably best done by LinkedIn….at least today.


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How effective is your brand’s social media strategy?

I asked myself this question today after seeing some results from a social media study by Harvard Business Review and SAS. According to 2010 study, only 12% of business executives feel that their companies use social media effectively.

At first I thought that seemed like a low percentage, but then thought about my own social media strategy and wondered exactly how effective is it? How do you measure social media effectiveness anyway? In order to measure the effectiveness of a brand’s social media strategy, you need to have clear objectives in place such as:

  • Increased awareness of company and products/services
  • Increased traffic to website
  • Monitor public/consumer perception of your brand (as well as positive/negative comments)
  • Gain insights on target market and what is relevant to them
  • Identify new business opportunities
  • Customer relationships

There are various analytical tools to monitor your social media reach. For our company in the biotech/pharma industry, we primarily use social media for brand awareness and increased traffic to our website. One of the ways in which we are able to monitor this is through web analytics. Using this, I am able to monitor where all the traffic is coming from, which social media tools provide the most traffic.

Website Traffic Source

Social media reach

Social media has a tremendous opportunity for brands to extend their reach, develop personal customer interactions, increase awareness and drive traffic to their website/blog. Social media platforms are starting to rank higher in use (87%) than blogs (58%) and review sites (22%). If you haven’t started using social media for your company, now is the time to start implementing it, beginning with objectives (start small) and a way to measure those to some degree.

ShareThis allows you to evaluate your social media equation. If you haven’t already, think about getting the ShareThis button for your website, blog and email campaigns and start benchmarking your social reach compared to others.


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Welcome to the Digital Media Spin

Here we are at the start of 2011. As I sit down to flesh out the remaining pieces of my marketing plan, I stare at numerous emerging media tools in front of me and begin to determine which ones might be the best mix… Twitter, linkedin, Facebook, YouTube, Blogs, RSS, Web 2.0, interactive demos and the list goes on and on. I decided to start a blog to sort my thoughts on all the emerging media tools and how to best use them to engage my consumer. Join me on this discussion and throw in your opinions. No doubt we’ll all have various opinions, facts, experiences and tests to support the best mix of tools to use. Hopefully over the next few months, we’ll all gain some insight from a variety of industries and be able to share and exchange great ideas on what works and what doesn’t when it comes to engaging our consumers using content shared through emerging media.

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