Should you do social media?

I’m not talking on a personal level here – but specifically for businesses. For many companies, this is a question they are still asking and depending largely on the person you ask, the answer may be different. Sadly, many companies have not found the value in social media –  likely because they are confused on a viable strategy, how to measure the effectiveness – or just plain have a bias that social media is something that their kids do sitting at home all night. I like Beth LaPierre’s, Chief Listening Officer of Kodak, answer to this question: “Should you do social media? That’s like someone asking if they should buy a lightbulb after electricity was invented.”

Ok, so if you are going ‘to do’ social media? Does this mean all you have to do is stick a ‘Like us on facebook’ or ‘Follow up on Twitter’ on your website and in your email signatures and toss out a post or two on those platforms? Well you could – but that won’t be very effective. I know, that’s how I started doing social media for the B2B company I work for.

So what are some of the things that you can do to upon starting on the social media journey for your company?

  1. For starters, you need to make your Web experience more social. Many company websites are still static, one-way communication vehicles. An easy way to make that change is by starting a blog (if you haven’t already) and allowing visitors to discuss with you by adding comments to your blog. This is an excellent way to begin the two way dialogue with your audience, monitor their responses and opinions and then tailor future messages based on those comments.
  2. If you sell products, allowing ratings and reviews is another way to make your web experience more social and interactive.
  3. Polls and voting enable users to interact and engage with your brand and also allows them to get involved anonymously. You and your visitors can get real time results to an issue that likely matters to both.
  4. Bookmarking – make it easy for your web visitors to bookmark and share the content on your site.
  5. Establish facebook and twitter profiles for your business and listen. The content posted here should not be a complete replicate of what is on your website, but maybe a small piece of interesting information that can lead them back to your blog or website for more.

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